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A bulging disc is a common complication in the back, and it can result in symptoms you might not expect, such as limb pain. With top-tier care from chiropractors Jonathan Donath, DC, and Vinh Tran, DC, CCSP, at Joint Effort Chiropractic in White Plains, New York, you can restore balance in the spine and treat the symptoms of a bulging disc. Schedule your evaluation and treatment consultation over the phone or online at Joint Effort Chiropractic today.

Bulging Disc Q & A

What is a bulging disc?

A bulging disc is a complication within the spine. The discs in your spine sit between the vertebrae to provide cushioning and absorb shock. They each include a jelly-like inner layer (nucleus) and a tough outer layer (annulus).

Due to disc degeneration over time, the annulus can weaken and bulge and become prone to tearing (disc herniation). Whether bulging or herniated, a damaged disc can compress surrounding nerves, leading to referred pain and other symptoms throughout the back and body. 

Your Joint Effort Chiropractic provider creates an advanced treatment plan for your bulging disc according to the severity of your symptoms. The team uses evidence-based chiropractic techniques alongside other treatments to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. 

What are the symptoms of a bulging disc?

The symptoms you experience from a bulging disc depend on the disc’s location: A bulging disc in the cervical (neck) spine causes different symptoms than a bulging disc in the thoracic (middle back) or lumbar (lower back) spine. 

Bulging discs primarily happen in the upper and lower back:

Cervical bulging disc symptoms

Your cervical spine is located in the upper back and neck. With a disc bulge in the neck, you’re likely to experience neurological symptoms like pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in the arms or hands. 

Lumbar bulging disc symptoms

When a bulging disc compresses a nerve root in the lumbar spine, you get neurological symptoms like numbness, weakness, and tingling in the legs and feet. You might experience sciatica if a lumbar disc compresses the largest nerve in your body, the sciatic nerve. 

How do chiropractors treat a bulging disc?

Treating a bulging disc requires individualized and comprehensive care, often encompassing multiple procedures, treatments, and lifestyle changes. Bulging discs rarely require surgery, and chiropractic care can go a long way in improving your treatment outcome. 

Computer-controlled Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy is a main treatment for bulging discs at Joint Effort Chiropractic.

During treatment, your provider uses state-of-the-art decompression techniques to slowly stretch the spine and separate your vertebrae. The resulting vacuum sucks the disc’s nucleus back into place. This relieves nerve compression and related symptoms. 

Additional treatments the team may include in your treatment for a bulging disc include other chiropractic adjustments, ultrasound therapy, and electrical stimulation.

If you have symptoms of a bulging disc, give Joint Effort Chiropractic a call to schedule an appointment or book online today.